Day and Night Overalls
Day and Night Overalls

Overall Back

In long term care, patients’ skin integrity must be checked at constant intervals for pressure ulcer risk. The back zip enables you to make these routine controls and take action easily if necessary. The protected zips of Caretex® Day&Night Overall prevent the sudden undressing which may be often seen in Alzheimer and dementia cases. Using the zips around the legs and the back allows easy daily care and change of underwear without completely undressing the patient.


Overal Zips

The ease of dressing and undressing of the patient will not only save you precious time but also make long term care easier for you and the patient.

Caretex® Day&Night Overall is designed to be used at all times. A very soft and breathable cotton fabric is chosen for the comfort of the patient. In most cases patients undress themselves because of the rough and unpleasant fabrics used in the garments. Caretex Day&Night Overall comes in many soothing colours and designs promoting a safer and undistracted care environment for the caregiver while allowing the patients to enjoy a peaceful life.

Day and Night OverallsAdvantages & Features

  • Recommended for Dementia and Alzheimer care
  • Safety lock at zippers prevent unwanted undressing
  • Prevent access to continence care aids by wearer
  • Changing continence aids with undressing saves nursing time
  • Soft and breathable cotton fabric
  • No constant vigilance

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