“With our versatile production capabilities we keep developing new products to the new industries and individual business needs.”

Filter Media

Filter MediaThanks to our advanced technologies and production capabilities, we produce wide range of felt types to meet the filtration needs of heavy industries even like cement and coal, in a safest way.

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automotiveOur knitted and nonwoven fabrics or coated and laminated products offer us a wide range of application possibilities in the automotive industry.

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Roofing Membranes

roofing-membransUsing products from the Gentuğ Roofing Membrane® range you’ll be wrapping your home in a protective envelope as a secondary defense against water, moisture and air infiltration.

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Geo Textiles

geo-textilesGentuğ nonwoven geo-textiles are made from the highest quality polyester and polypropylene fibers and are needle-punched to form a dimensionally stable fiber network.

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Shoe Components

shoe-componentsWith Gentug’s coating possibilities and needle punched nonwoven technology platform, we’ve got the built-in capability to design, engineer, and manufacture ultra-light microporous, water-proof and breathable PU membrane footwear components to meet your toughest challenges.

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Cleaning Wipes

cleaning-wipesGentuğ Cleaning Wipes make the process of cleaning a home quicker, leaving more time for more pleasurable experiences. We are offering a wide range of products either fully packaged or in rolls.

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