Kitchen Products

Kitchen Products

Cleaning the kitchen floor or dusting furniture will probably never make it to the top of most people’s weekend activity lists, but Gentug is aiming to make these mundane tasks easier. By offering impregnated or simple  nonwovens-based disposable wiping products, Gentug is hoping to make our consumers’ lives more pleasant.

Our new products such as stainproof wipeable cotton table cloths or heat resistant aluminum coated oven gloves offer you simple but effective solutions in your kitchen.

Our products make the process of cleaning a home quicker, leaving more time for more pleasurable experiences.

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  • Stainproof Tablecloth Is it coffe, redwine, ketchup or any other hard to remove stain messing up your table? With our stainproof coating all you have to do is wipe it off.
  • Heat Resistant Ovengloves and Mitts Unlike traditional oven mitts, this heat resistant glove fully protects your hand from hot plates and pans, whilst allowing you the use of your fingers for a far superior grip.

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